Welcome to India

To launch our new topic ‘Kolkata’ we had a welcome to India afternoon where we came in from lunch to a candlelit classroom and Indian music. We tried a cup of traditional chai tea and compared it to English tea thinking about the smell and taste. We also tried traditional foods such as roti and popadoms dipped into mango chutney and rice made from different Indian spices that we smelt. Lastly, we tried on some traditional Indian clothing. What an exciting afternoon it was!

This week we have also launched our new learning behaviour for this term ‘Team Ant – Collaboration’ by working together. First we worked together using our atlases to locate Kolkata on the map and found it was in India which is in the continent of Asia. After, we then located the surrounding countries and bodies of water.

We done further collaborative work using the iPads to research India for our non chronological reports.

In science we carried out an investigation to see if nocturnal animals came to school at night and our results showed that they do! First we planned our investigation and then we set out our trap. We waited over night and collected the results the next day. We were very excited when our results showed footprints on the paper and less bread than we had put in, meaning some had been eaten! We concluded that the footprints looked similar to a cat but thought the tube wasn’t big enough to fit a cat so we done further research on nocturnal animal footprints. What do you think it could be?