Talking Trios

This week we have been continuing to work on our learning behaviour ‘Team Ants’. We collaborated together as trios to work on our maths skills.

First to finish off our multiplication topic we created our own multiplication stories to make word problems.

Today we started our division topic. We were given the challenge to work in 3’s to share 20 cubes into groups of 2, 5 and 10. What great team ant trios we are!

Crash Landing!

This week we started our new topic Leeds with an alien called Eric crash landing in our playground. Eric thought he landed in Leodis so we used our atlases in Geography to help him locate Leeds.

We then looked at the course of the river Aire and worked as ‘Team Ant’ to map out our own using Google maps to locate the towns.

In maths this week I have been very impressed with how we have been partitioning numbers in different ways other than tens and ones. Well done Year 2! How many ways can you partition 75? Can you show your adult at home?