Home learning this week

Hello Year 2 and Happy Friday!

Can I begin with saying thank you to those who joined our video calls this week. It was so lovely to see you all and I’m sure you would all agree it was nice to see some familiar faces too! I look forward to more of these in the coming weeks.

Once again I have loved seeing the photos and the learning you have been getting up to at home. We started a new topic this week and you have all made a fantastic start!

First of all, Lucas enjoyed the last of the sunny weather at the start of the week in the garden with his brothers.

Neave also made use of the good weather and planted some lettuce, red pepper, radish, pansies and violas in her garden. She also spent some evenings outside taking a look at the night sky through a telescope. She even took some photos of the moon through the telescope – how fantastic! Lastly, she decorated some rocks during her arts and crafts time.

Seerat got straight back into her home learning on Monday morning with her maths worksheets. 

Amrit has been researching Titus Salt and Salts Mill as part of her home learning tasks. She also made a David Hockney fact sheet on Word! Well done!

Edward has continued his cycling, cycling along the Leeds Liverpool canal all the way from Leeds city centre to Bingley and back! He travelled through Salts Mill which links to our new topic! He also completed his writing task from the learning grid. Super!

Lastly Sri has been completing his home learning activities and has also created his very own YouTube channel with Lego and Minecraft tutorials! Check it out – type ‘Sri Brick World’ into Youtube. 

I also received some lovely letters from those of our class who have been in school. Thank you so much Gabriel, Ava and Eve. They really cheered me up!

Our home learning heroes this week are: Neave, Ata and Adriana.

Our TT Rockstars this week are: Adriana, Ata, Evie and Edward.

Well done everyone, keep up the hard work!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Lucas

Welcome back

Good morning 2HL!

I hope you had a lovely week off with your families enjoying the sunshine! It is now the beginning of the last term in school for this academic year, I can’t believe it!!!

There is also a new grid for you to complete for the next two weeks in your home learning journals. I have attached it below for those who didn’t receive it through parent mail.

Please continue to send me pictures of your learning and what you get up to as I love to see!

This week we are also stating our video calls using Google Meet. Information on this including dates and times was sent out via parent mail. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these. Myself and Mrs Wong are looking forward to see you all!!

Take care Year 2,

Miss Lucas

Home learning this week

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a lovely week of home learning and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I wonder how many of you have developed a tan?

Once again I have been overwhelmed with all the updates, photos, and online learning received this week. Mrs Wong and all of the KS1 team also love seeing what you are getting up to! You really are making me proud and showing resilience during this difficult time.

A lot of home learning to share this week! Lets begin with the fantastic Frog Belly Rat Bones of Adriana and Edward. Both used sewing skills which require a lot of patience and perseverance! Well done to you both!

Lewan made her own cookies this week and linked it to her maths learning to correctly measure and weigh her ingredients. She then wrote down her recipe for future use. This made me very excited because I love to bake and can’t wait to try Lewan’s recipe! Maybe you could try too? Also how fantastic does her finished cookies look! They look very tasty!

Leo and Noah have also been using ‘real life maths’ in the kitchen to help mum and dad with the cooking. I was also impressed with their 3D animal pictures they have created! How fantastic are these!

Ghulam-Ali has been keeping on top of his online learning and maths! Well done, keep up the good work!

Aidan has been creating some bubble art to make a dragon and dinosaur from as well as completing his history and geography quizzes using Word!

I have also received some fantastic pieces of writing this week. Some instructions on how to plant a seed from Amrit, Evie and Aidan as well as a fantastic Cement land setting description from Amrit and Edward.

Adriana also had a go at writing her own book about a cat and a dog! How fantastic!

Charlie wrote this superb imaginative story with his own illustration!

Seerat has been dressing in traditional Indian clothing, making a desert island, completing her daily maths and staying active with her brother!

Lastly, Eve planted some grass seeds in her fairy garden and made a spring time collage.

What a fantastic week of home learning to end this half term!

This weeks TT Rockstars are…..

…and our home learning heroes are Edward, Sri and Ghulam-Ali. Well done to you all!

Have a lovely half term break Year 2 and for those celebrating this weekend, Eid al-Fitr!

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Lucas

A message from Mrs Wong

Dear 2HL,

I hope you all are doing well. I love looking at all of your pictures of your home activities on the class blog. It really brightens up my day seeing all those cheerful smiles.

I have been going for my walks to the woods with my family and I was so happy to find blankets of wild garlic leaves (Ramsons) which are found in abundance at this time of the year. We plucked few bunches and made garlic butter and it tasted so good. 

Here is the recipe for the garlic butter-

        250g of butter salted butter

         1sp salt

       50g of wild garlic leaves, finely chopped


  1. Mash the butter in a bowl with some sea salt – start with 1/2 tsp, then taste before adding more.
  2. Then stir in the garlic leaves.
  3. Next using a piece of baking parchment, roll and shape the butter into a log, then twist the ends to form a cracker.
  4. Finally chill in the freezer until needed and cut into slices as needed.

I also baked garlic bread for the first time. I bet we all will become master chefs after the lockdown ends.

If you have been baking or helping your adult in the kitchen, I would love to see some of your recipes!

Take care 2HL! I miss you all so much.

From, Mrs Wong                     


A new home learning grid

Hello Year 2,

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

There is a new home learning grid to start from this week now that we are on Week 5 of this half term. Very hard to believe! You should have received it on Friday with the parent mail but if you didn’t I have put a copy below.

Thank you so much for your continued effort with your home learning every week. I know it is not always easy Year 2 but you continue to make me proud week on week with all the learning I recieve that you are doing at home.

Keep up the good work as always. I miss you all lots!

Miss Lucas

Home learning this week.

Happy Friday Year 2,

This is the home learning I received this week.

Last weekend Yumin celebrated VE day by making bunting and painting a UK flag. She made “Gim Bab” by herself. Gimbap is a popular Korean food, similar to Japanese sushi, but different. On Monday she decorated a plastic cup and planted sweetpea seeds.We collected leaves and flowers in the garden to make a bracelet.  

Leah made a spring time collage and researched her family tree.

Lewan has been practising her drawing skills and researched animals that live in hot and cold climates.

Evie has been completing more of her home learning grid, finding out facts about the Sahra desert and St. Georges day.

Sri’s super maths and spelling learning.

Amrit did an experiment with her sister using a microscope which her sister got for her birthday. They looked at a onion under the microscope and looked at the onion cells. Amrit learnt:

  • how to use a pippet.
  • how to yous a slide to put under the microscope.
  • how to zoom

Adriana has been completing more of her learning gird activities, spending time outdoors.

Lucas has also been outdoors enjoying the sunshine with his brothers.

Our TT Rockstars this week are…

Our home learning heroes this week are: Yumin, Amrit and Seerat. Well done girls.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Making bird feeders in KS1

Good afternoon Year 2,

I have had a busy week in school this week but have enjoyed seeing your pictures you have been emailing to me. I spent the day in KS1 today after being in KS2 for the first half of the week. I thought I would share what we got up to!

Today we made bird feeders and hung them on the trees around school. The seeds we used attract wrens and sparrows. We googled what they look like and they were quite small!

Then we wrote instructions on how we made them so that we could make them again at home or share with a family member to try.

I wonder if you could use Elijah’s super instructions to make your own at home? Instead of glue you might want to use peanut butter!

We look forward to seeing if the birds eat off our feeders!

VE day celebrations.

Hi Year 2,

I hope you had a lovely long weekend! I enjoyed all the updates from you learning about VE day and enjoying your garden parties to celebrate!

Evie’s VE day learning
Seerat playing the drums at the party!

This week myself and Mrs Wong are in school working in KS2! Definitely different to what we are used to but it’s nice to be in school again seeing familiar faces and getting to know some new ones.

Don’t forget to email me with what you get up to!