Leeds first train is here!

In topic we have been learning all about the different modes of transport that we have in Leeds and discovered that the first transport to arrive in Leeds was a train.

We learnt all the facts and acted out being in the crowd before putting this information into a newspaper report making sure to include all of the features a newspaper contains.

Take a look at Eve’s, Gabriel’s, Evie’s and Amari’s below.

Our Values work from the past fortnight is also below. What act of kindness have you shown this week?

Hunting for habitats

This week in Science we explored the school grounds to see what habitats we could find and the animals that live there. We then thought about different habitats around the world and animals living there.

I wonder what habitats you could find at home. Were the animals that lived there the same or different to those at school?

Some of us also had a chance to collect natural materials and decorate our class bird box. I was very impressed with the end product!

Lastly, this week John came to take our class photo. Take a look below!

Crash Landing!

This week we started our new topic Leeds with an alien called Eric crash landing in our playground. Eric thought he landed in Leodis so we used our atlases in Geography to help him locate Leeds.

We then looked at the course of the river Aire and worked as ‘Team Ant’ to map out our own using Google maps to locate the towns.

In maths this week I have been very impressed with how we have been partitioning numbers in different ways other than tens and ones. Well done Year 2! How many ways can you partition 75? Can you show your adult at home?

Gorilla by Anthony Browne

What a lovely first few days we have had! The whole class has settled incredibly well into Year 2 as we have jumped straight into our learning.

This week we have been looking at the story Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We acted out the different parts on a story trail in drama before creating a story map to help us write a retell. I was very impressed with the stories produced.

In guided reading we looked at some questions and compared some illustrations in the story Gorilla, commenting on the authors choice for these. This led to art where we used warm and cold colours to express how we feel when we are happy and sad.

I look forward to another exciting week next week in Year 2! Take a look at some photos from our story trail below.

Sports Day

What a fantastic Sport’s Day we had! I was so impressed with all of the children’s efforts and behaviour when participating. Luckily the rain stayed off for us too!

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to support our Sport’s Day, it really does make a difference having you all there.

Congratulations to the winning house Wentworth!

Catching the Colour Thief

On Monday a disaster happened! The Colour Thief had came to school and scattered all of their stolen colours through school. We decided to follow the trail to try and catch them! However we had a few obstacles in our way. First we had to row across the river before reaching the over grown forest. In the forest we saw a monkey in the tree who would only let us pass if we gave him our banana. Unfortunately the Colour Thief wasn’t in the forest so we continued our exciting journey. We then came to a mountain but we had to quietly hike up it for there was a sleeping dragon that we did not want to wake! Finally the trail led us to the Colour Thief’s den. We exchanged our colours back for some water colours so that the Colour Thief can do some painting. What an exhausting journey it was!

We used this drama to write some fantastic stories this week. I have been very impressed with what they have produced, well done 2HL you have worked really hard on these.

Next week we are writing our very own stories. Maybe you can think of some ideas for yours over the weekend?



On Thursday 20th June we had our school trip to Saltaire to see David Hockney’s art work that we have been looking at in school. We studied the Salt’s Mill and compared it to his painting. We also took a walk around Saltaire and looked and the similarities and differences in his painting.

After lots of exploring and sketching of our own we took a well earned break in Roberts Park for lunch and had a play before going home.

Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to help us on the trip, it is appreciated!

Class Assembly

Thank you so much to all the parents who took time out of their day to join us for our class assembly this morning. We love sharing our learning with you!

We then had lots of fun with you all in our classroom making harmonicas out of junk and worry monsters for Year 3. Some of us also finished a Hockney painting linking to our new learning The Colour Thief.


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