What a lovely week it has been!

Happy Friday Year 2!
What a glorious sunny week we have had! I hope you have been out enjoying the good weather.

Aidan has definitely had a busy week of home learning. He has learnt all about the life cycle of a frog and even found his very own tadpoles which he has made a lovely habitat for. He has also been completing his reading comprehensions and made a face collage using natural materials. Great work Aidan!

Edward has also been enjoying the outdoors. He made a den in the woods and has planted some sunflower seeds in the garden. I love your den Edward, it would make a great hiding space!

Fatima has been using measuring skills to do some baking. She made some delicious buns for her family to enjoy. Well done Fatima!

Ata has been recapping his knowledge of oceans by making his very own Earth picture. Fantastic geography work Ata!

Amrit has done some beautiful writing this week to complete her home learning tasks. Great work as always Amrit. What a lovely letter you have wrote for Ava.

I was also super impressed with Amari’s handwriting in this piece of work this week. Huge improvement Amari, you should be so proud!

This week in school our topic has been ‘Toys’. We have compared Victorian toys to modern day toys as well as look at different toys and games around the world. We made our own cup and ball game and had lots of fun playing with them. Have a go at home, we wrote some instructions on how to make one. It is very easy and fun to do. We also made some marble runs on our tables. Again, a very fun game and easy to do!! Lastly we designed our own toys that we think will be available in the future.

This weeks home learning heros are Amari, Isabelle and Fatima. Well done to you all!
This week you should have recieved a letter from your new Year 3 teacher. Please let me know if you did not receive this.

Have a lovely weekend. I look forward to seeing you all on Google Meet next week. Please check parent mail for times.
Miss Lucas.

3 thoughts on “What a lovely week it has been!

  1. Fantastic home learning activities,2HL!
    WOW Aidan what a super star you have been ,love how neatly you drew a life cycle chart of a frog .Where did you find the tadpoles?How lovely of you to build a habitat for the tadpoles
    .Love your cute flowery picture!

    Awesome Edward! Love how you took your learning outdoors and I hope we will be able to see the end result of your sunflower.

    How lovely of you Fatima to bake buns for your family!I bet it was delicious .Do you enjoy baking?

    Ata that’s a great piece of art!Keep it up and you have a beautiful smile.

    Brilliant writing Amrit and Amari ! Well done and keep it up!

    Massive congratulations to Amari,Isabelle and Fatima for being Home Learning Heroes!

  2. What fantastic home learning 2HL! I always love looking at your class blog and seeing what you have been up to. From Miss Stewart 🙂

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