Home learning this week

Yumin has been busy making a 3D Saltaire model using a cardboard box. She also celebrated her 7th birthday this week with a yummy chocolate cake!! Happy Birthday to you Yumin!

Seerat has continued to complete her daily maths using White Rose Maths Hub Resources.

Aidan has been researching facts about David Hockney and conducted his own Science experiment of an erupting volcano. I love your scientist outfit Aidan!

Amrit has wrote a beautiful story about a robot thief.

Sri came first in the Yorkshire Junior Chess Competition last weekend. Well done Sri!

After learning about world ocean day on Monday we continued the ocean theme throughout the week. We have been very busy making fact files of sea life, creating our own made up sea creatures and writing a descriptionof them using adjectives. We looked at different ocean stories including Rainbow Fish and completed a reading comprehension and book review on it. Today we played a non contact ocean relay game and wrote instructions on how to play. What fun we have had!

This weeks home learning heroes are Alice, Aidan and Evie.
Our TT Rockstars are Edward, Adriana, Evie and Ata. Well done to you all!

Have a lovely weekend Year 2, I look forward to seeing you all in the Google Meets next week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Home learning this week

  1. WOW!Yr 2,what an amazing home learning activities.
    Happy birthday Yumin!I hope you had an amazing birthday with your family.
    I love your 3D Saltaire model,its just FAB!
    Keep it up!

    Well done ,Seerat for completing your maths. You are a “Tough tortoise”

    WOW we have our very own Scientist Aidan!
    Keep it up with all your home learning activities ,its makes us all so PROUD .

    Amrit ,that is such a fab story.I loved the fact that it had a happy ending.I love your choice of vocabulary to up level your sentence.Well done,Amrit!

    Massive CONGRATULATIONS to Sri for coming First in the Chess Competition.

  2. It was lovely seeing some of our Yr 2 last week at school.

    Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Alice,Aidan and Evie for being Home learning heroes.

    Well done to our TTROCKSTARS Legends Edward,Adriana,Evie and Ata.

    Keep it up,YR 2 !
    We are all Super PROUD of you all!!!

  3. Wow 2HL! What fantastic home learning! Well done to everybody for being such superstars at home. I hope you had a lovely birthday Yumin! Miss Stewart 🙂

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