The Once-ler wrote to us!

This week 2HL have continued to work on ‘The Lorax’ as part of our arts fortnight. We have developed our understanding of the story more through drama, comparisons and writing. The children each wrote a letter to the Once-ler voicing their frustration that he chopped down all the Truffula Trees and why he shouldn’t as trees are important. On Friday, to conclude our fortnight the children each received a letter from the Once-ler apologising and 4 chestnuts for us to plant. We can wait to watch our trees grow!


The children have also shown great team work and collaboration this week when building their Once-ler’s Lerkim using scrap shed materials and practicing their dance routine. I was super impressed. We have also enjoyed creating our own pompom tuffula tuffs and printing our very own Truffula Trees!

What a lovely two weeks we have had!

Thank you to those who came to join us in our celebration. I hope you got to see how much the children have got out of ‘The Lorax’ and enjoyed it as much as we did! We love sharing our learning with you.


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