Do you know who discovered the Banksia Plant?

This week 2HL have been continuing their learning about Captain Cook’s voyage. We discovered he took a botanist, Joseph Banks, who studied plants on his journey. He found a plant and named it after himself called the Banksia Plant.

In Art we drew a first draft of the Banksia plant and then gave constructive feedback to our partners stating what we like and what they could improve on. We the took our feedback on board and tried to improve our drawings in a second draft.

What tough tortoises we are! 


Land Ahoy!

This week 2HL have been learning all about our new topic Captain Cook. It began by recieving a very important letter and a map! It contained Captain Cooks secret mission he was given by the King.  We discovered who Captain James Cook was though drama looking at his early life before becoming an explorer. Then we read about his journey up until he discovered New Zealand and wrote a diary entry about meeting the maori warriors.

We cant wait to see what happens next in his journey to find Terra Australis.


Feeling Festive!

This week we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by doing lots of different Christmas activities such as making snowflakes and Christmas cards.

We also made a Christingle each after learning about each part that makes a Christingle and what Christingle means.

Lastly we had Christmas party with lots of games, dancing and party food!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas break. See you in the New Year!

What a busy week!

In between performing our Nativity for our parents we managed to find time to continue with our Kolkata topic work. This is a very exciting part of our learning as it involves food!

We looked at the traditional foods they have in India and tasted different curries before scoring them on taste, smell, texture and looks. We then voted and decided on which one we liked the most.

After understanding the different tastes, textures and looks of curries we planned our own healthy vegetable tomato curry. We thought about our ingredients, equipment and method.

We then practiced the different skills we needed to make a curry including grating, chopping and peeling. We practiced these using carrots.

It was then time to cook! We remembered to wash our hands and all of the rules in order for us to stay safe when cooking.



Are we nearly there yet!?

2HL have been looking at the Christmas story and work around advent.

We began by reenacting the long, hot journey Mary and Joseph took from Nazareth to Bethlehem through drama and freeze frames.

We then hot seated Mary after thinking of some question we would like to ask to her to understand the journey some more.

We then thought about Mary and Josephs feelings on the journey and recorded these before writing our own diary entry as Mary or Joseph. Take a look at Mohamad’s and Tilly’s below.

Lastly, we finished the week off by thinking about our hopes for this advent linking to our value.  We came up with some great ideas (aside from presents) including giving to charities, making Christmas cards for those less fortunate and donating to food banks.

What are your hopes for this Advent?


This week 2HL have enjoyed continuing our rugby sessions with John from Leeds Rhinos. We have been learning lots of different skills and sportsmanship. Take a look at some of this learning below.



Would you like to be a rickshaw puller?

This week in topic we have been comparing different modes of transport in Leeds and Kolkata. We learnt in Kolkata they have hand pulled rickshaws and the problems a rickshaw puller can face. We then acted out being rickshaw pullers in the playground and discussed what it must feel like to be a rickshaw puller.

We then used this learning to write a diary entry of a rickshaw puller. They were fantastic!

Our Maths Bear also enjoyed its first week out of the classroom and into the homes of Year 2. Look how busy Macy and our Maths Bear were in their maths at home learning!

Can you think of a name for our Maths Bear?

Choose Respect!

This week we took part in a picket for odd sock day as part of Anti-Bullying Week. We came up with our own chant “Don’t hate appreciate. Respect don’t bully” that we shouted as we went around the playground.


As we marched around the playground we held our posters that we created in pairs.

This Anti-Bullying week we focused on ‘Choose Respect’ and done some writing on different ways we can show respect to others. Ask me for a way that I can show respect.

And our new topic is…


This week 2HL have thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck straight into our new topic. We thought about what we already knew and came up with some interesting questions about what we would like to find out. We found out Kolkata is in India and located it on the map well as New Delhi and all of the surrounding countries and bodies of water. I was super impressed with their use of Atlases to do this.

We then learnt all about the River Ganges and how it changes as it flows from the Himalayas to Kolkata.  We found out that when it reaches Kolkata it is full of rubbish and pollution.  When we investigated further we discovered there were many reasons for this.  We discussed these reasons and had a debate for and against changing how the river is treated.


In science we have been enjoying carrying out various investigations linking to materials including a durable test and a tearing test. This week we planned our own test before carrying it out. This was to find which material was the most waterproof. We found the material which was the most waterproof was the least absorbent.

Ask me what our test was and what were the results!

What a way to end the half term!

This week we have been busy designing and building bridges taking inspiration from the structure and designs of the bridges we have been learning about in Leeds.

We began by attempting to use lollipop sticks, glue sticks and sellotape but soon realised the bridges weren’t strong enough and kept falling apart.

We then decided using stronger wood and a glue gun would be better so we practiced our joining methods creating photo frames after talking about the safety of using a glue gun and saw.

After designing our bridges in our groups it was time to begin the building! Each team worked well together taking turns and communicating effectively to make the task a success.

We then tested the bridges to see if a car could drive over it. This made some of us reflect what could be changed when we wrote our evaluations.

Don’t they look great? Well done 2HL!